About Us


From the French word "envie," meaning "a wish or desire."

...to possess the qualities another person desires; to be emulated, to be what 'they' strive to be.

Formed in late 2019, Envie Boutique was created as an outlet for self expression through fashion. 

There is no statement that holds more truth than: "if you look good, you feel good" and Envie Boutique is dedicated to making our #enviecuties feel good in anything they wear.

We encourage you to be bold and confident, unapologetically. 

With the owner as a Textiles and Apparel alum from Northern Illinois University as well as a certified professional in retail management, you are in good hands when it comes to quality, professionalism and plain ol' good customer service! 

We strive to provide an exceptional shopping experience where you will be trendy and unique at the same time. 

Welcome to Envie Boutique 💕.